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Trees are beautiful creations that allow humans to connect with nature. They also improve an area’s economic potential while helping the planet as a whole. But tree surveys are necessary before planting trees, especially in urban areas. Tree surveys are often required to cover all legal bases. These surveys also keep you and other people safe. They ensure that you meet your mortgage lender’s requests. Tree surveys also allow development planning to move through the actual construction process. 

Due to their essential role, overlooking tree surveys can be potentially costly and even life-threatening. Scary, isn’t it?

Swift Tree Surgeon Kettering was established to give trees all the attention and tree care they need and deserve so that they will thrive and remain standing tall for years. Our professional tree surveys are a crucial component of all our tree services, allowing us to deliver quality results every time. 

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We Specialise in Professional Tree Surveys in Northamptonshire

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During a tree survey, the Swift team surveys trees on a property or piece of land. The main goal of these surveys is to evaluate the area and the trees previously planted in it. It helps property owners and managers make informed decisions for area improvements and other purposes. 

Our services for tree surveys Kettering include the following helpful information:

Our Professional Approach of Tree Survey Services in Kettering

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Is this your first time to get tree surveys in Kettering? How does the process work? It’s never nice to be in the dark when it comes to things, so here’s what’s involved with our tree survey procedure:


It all starts with you getting in touch with us. Our team member will ask about your concerns and give you a process walkthrough. 


We will need every detail possible about the survey site. We may visit the site personally before the survey or use comprehensive site plans, images, and maps. Don’t worry because we’ll keep you updated with everything. 

The Actual Survey

Our qualified tree surgeon will visit your site and conduct the survey to assess the health and condition of the tree itself. It is often completed from the ground, although aerial inspection may be required sometimes. Depending on access concerns, you may or may not be around during the survey. 

Assessment Report 

The exact time when you will receive the tree report depends on different factors, like the size of the tree survey. This report will include all the observations of the surveyor together with recommendations. 

Choose Us For Your Tree Works in Northampton and Kettering

Many companies offer tree surveys in Kettering and Northamptonshire, but not all follow the same standards regarding expertise and professionalism. At Swift, we like to think that we are different from the rest. But if you’re not convinced, let us share why you should choose us. We are a family run business, providing highly recommended arborist services. We are passionate about taking care of your trees and landscape.

Cost-effective Pricing

Staying on top of tree maintenance helps you save money in the long run. We take great pride in your competitive but realistic prices to ensure that you can get remedial and maintenance works carried out without leaving a severe dent in your wallet. 

Kettering Tree Survey
Tree Survey Kettering Northamptonshire

Client Satisfaction

The Swift team is proud to say we have a huge base of satisfied clients. Most of our clients are repeat business from past clients who found our work and level of service more than satisfactory. We’re happy to provide testimonials from our satisfied clients if you want to see some. 

We Cover Commercial and Residential Properties

Swift provides tree surveys Kettering services to homeowners and managers of commercial establishments, including schools, churches, and care homes. No job is too small or big for our team because we have all the resources and expertise to help. 

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Kettering Tree Survey Professional Approach

Fully Qualified Staff

Experienced and qualified surveyors should only perform tree surveys. We have specialists in our team who can conduct tree surveys to give you complete peace of mind. You can be sure that we know what we’re doing, what the job involves, and what precautions are necessary to ensure our staff and other people’s safety. Our professional tree surgeons and arborists love the outdoors and are highly experienced in all aspects of tree and hedge care and maintenance and we regularly work with domestic clients in Kettering on any tree servicing issue.

Professional Approach

Swift Tree Surgeon Kettering knows that you don’t only deserve the best quality of work but also reliable and prompt service performed by people who live up to their promises. This experience is what our customers can expect from our service. 

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Our team offers a full range of domestic and commercial tree surgery services throughout Northampton and the surrounding areas. We have years of experience and knowledge to carry out our expert tree care services at an affordable rate.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tree Surveys and Tree Maintenance

What are tree surveys?

Tree surveys detail all the necessary information about trees on sites allocated for development. A tree survey helps identify the trees that can be retained and those that should be removed. Tree survey reports allow landowners and developers to make proper and informed decisions. These reports also highlight whether the trees on or adjacent to the site will affect the proposed development scope. Tree surveys are conducted by professional and qualified arboriculturist.

How long will your tree survey last?

There is no specific number of days or times to conduct a tree survey. This is because the process considers different factors, including the number of trees on the site or adjacent to it and the size of the site. The Swift team can often complete tree surveys between 1 and 5 days, with the report prepared and available soon after. 

How much do tree surveys cost?

The cost of tree surveys depends on the development area’s scale, the number of significant vegetation, and the number of trees in the area. We suggest that you call us and give us details about the site. This will help us give you a fixed price quote to avoid any surprise charges. Our service will provide you with the best value for your money, not just with the service itself but with the advice you can get from our team of experts. 

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